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Comma Hotel looks forward to being a comma on your journey, making your wonderful journey unfinished.

COMMA Boutique Hotel is derived from the homophony of the English "Comma" comma, which means a beautiful comma during the journey, allowing you to stop and take a good rest; it also has the meaning of "full guest" in Chinese (Taiwanese Mandarin) The homophony of "" represents the beautiful meaning of "FULL HOUSE".


The nearby transportation is convenient, the living functions are excellent, and it is also a tourist destination in the north. You can take a leisurely stroll in the Ximending business district, and you can also take public transportation to various parts of Taipei City. Food, shopping, leisure and sightseeing, all in one stop.


COMMA Boutique Hotel has more than you think:


◎All rooms are equipped with independent inverter air conditioners. In addition to allowing you to freely heat and cool the room, there is no shared circulating air, making your stay more secure in the post-epidemic era.


◎All room types are equipped with hot water kettles and hairdryers for use. There is no need to bring your own when traveling. All room types are equipped with Caesar bathroom equipment, making it more comfortable to live in separate dry and wet rooms.

◎All room types use customized bedding, allowing you to have a comfortable sleeping environment.


◎All room types have independent WIFI, and there are reading lights under the bedside lamps. Reading and playing with mobile phones at night will not affect the people living around you. In addition, the socket is equipped with a USB hole, allowing you to use it with various devices.


◎The 15th floor is the social hall, which provides free space for leisure activities.


◎There is a self-service laundry room on the 10th floor. Dirty clothes can be washed and dried in the bathroom without hand.

◎Most units have external windows or balconies, providing an airy and comfortable living experience in the Ximen business district where land is at a premium.



COMMA Boutique Hotel upholds its sincerity and looks forward to being a comma on your journey, allowing you to rest at home here, and allowing your wonderful journey to continue...


To book online, please contact us directly. To make a reservation by phone, please call:02-2388-6000.

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